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Your Deluxe Facials procedure will be performed at Dr. Thrower's MedSpa in Pembroke Pines, FL.
Beautiful woman with clear glowing skin during microneedling with PRP treatment.
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What is a Deluxe Facial?

A deluxe facial is our skincare treatment that deeply cleanses and rejuvenates the skin. It includes facial cleansing, steam treatment, and targeted extractions to remove impurities and congestion from the pores. Additionally, clients have the option to add on a Hydro Jelly, CBD, Glutathione, or Blue Glacier Mask to target their skin concerns. LED lights are often used to target specific skin concerns such as acne or inflammation. Overall, our deluxe facial offers a multi-step approach to skincare, leaving the skin refreshed, hydrated, and radiant.

Why Choose a Deluxe Facial?

Choosing a deluxe facial treatment provides comprehensive skincare solutions tailored to individual needs, delivering effective results with professional expertise. The treatment combines deep cleansing, hydration, and targeted treatments like the Hydro Jelly, CBD, Glutathione, and Blue Glacier Mask for optimal skin health. Moreover, it offers a relaxing and pampering experience, promoting both physical and mental rejuvenation.

Who are good candidates for a Deluxe Facial?

Good candidates for a deluxe facial include individuals seeking skincare solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether you struggle with acne, dryness, aging, or other skin concerns, a deluxe facial can be customized to address your unique issues effectively. Our skilled estheticians will address your skin concerns and assign a booster tailored to your needs.


What to expect after a Deluxe Facial?

After a deluxe facial, immediate effects include refreshed, rejuvenated skin with reduced pore visibility and a brighter complexion. Continued improvements in skin texture and tone can be expected in the following days, alongside personalized home care recommendations for maintaining optimal results.



A fusion of glutathione, niacinamide, alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), and coconut extracts. This formulation is specifically designed to brighten the complexion and diminish the appearance of dark spots.

Hydro-Jelly Mask

A hydrating facial mask that revitalizes the skin with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, providing intense moisture and a refreshed appearance.

Blue Glacier Cryo

A blend of glacier clay, coconut extract, and spearmint leaf infusion. This meticulously crafted formulation is designed to alleviate inflammation through delivering a refreshing and invigorating cooling sensation upon application.

CBD Mask

Contains cannabidiol (CBD) and green tea leaf extract to effectively regulate oil production, address eczema, combat signs of aging, alleviate symptoms of psoriasis, and provide relief for sensitive skin.

LED Lights

Uses different light wavelengths to target issues like acne, inflammation, and aging. They stimulate skin cells, promote collagen production, and improve skin texture.

Deluxe Facial Cost

The price of our deluxe facial, starting at $200, may vary based on the number of sessions required to achieve your desired skincare goals. Our team will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that fits your needs.

To discuss the advantages of deluxe facials with a member of our staff, please book with our online booking site (link it) right away. We will work with you to choose the most effective course of treatment.

A $50 non-refundable fee will be charged for facials if not notified within 24 hrs of cancellation. Deposits for all Facials will be $50.

Beautiful woman with clear glowing skin after microneedling with PRP treatment.

Before & After Gallery

Micro-Needling Before and After Photo by Dr. Thrower in Hollywood Florida
Micro-Needling Before and After Photo by Dr. Thrower in Hollywood Florida

Patient Testimonials

jemmaskyee jjemmaskyee j
20:28 22 Feb 24
My first time visiting Dr. Throwers medspa and it was a fabulous experience. The Doctor and staff are very knowledgeable, accommodating and very friendly. I will be a faithful customer from now on.
Been a patient here since 2019. Everytime the service is exceptional. From dermatology to skin care Dr. Thrower has always delivered
Nzari LaFranceNzari LaFrance
16:07 26 Oct 23
The staff is very professional, yet so friendly. The doctor is meticulous is the information that he gives to aide his patients achieve their optimal results. Overall, the Medspa deserves 5 stars and more!!Much luv, peace, and blessings!!!
Tarnessa GainesTarnessa Gaines
16:28 13 Sep 23
Staff very knowledgeable, treatment super comfortable, will definitely return for my next follow-up appointment!
Nat CeeNat Cee
14:10 13 Jul 23
I’ve been coming to Dr. Thrower since I was 18! His products have helped my skin tremendously. My skin only seems to agree with his products. I love how he customizes each patients skin regimen. Always trust the process when using his products and ALWAYS ask questions and follow the directions that he gives you. He’s the absolute best and his staff is amazing.
legendary whipzlegendary whipz
17:12 07 Jun 23
One of the BEST SKINCARE physican that cares about his patients, his staff is great and friendly, his offices are clean and well taken care of, he also has some of the best skincare products available. For couple of years I've had dry and itchy scalp I use his products in April 2023. June 2023 dry and itchy scalp basically gone. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their services!!!

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