Dr. Thrower’s July 4th Flash Sale


Dr. Angelo Thrower is a man who created a business specifically with his clients in mind. His dive into the dermatology business was to help provide treatments and products to the underrepresented ethnic skin community.

He truly cares about his patients, and of course, he loves to treat them. That is why on July 4, Dr. Thrower is holding a 24-hour flash sale. For one day only, you can purchase your regular items at the Dr. Thrower Skin Care site, and at the checkout use promo code FLASH to get 20% off your product!

This promotion applies to all Dr. Thrower Skin & Hair Care products, including Thro-Grower and Total Solution Kits. But don’t wait to act—the sale starts at midnight, July 4, and ends at midnight, July 5. If there was ever a Dr. Thrower product you wanted try, now is the time to get it. Take advantage of the sale! Use promo code FLASH to get 20% off!