Dr. Thrower Interviewed by Interviewology

Dr. Thrower

Recently Dr. Angelo Thrower was interviewed by Interviewology. In the interview Dr. Thrower describes his formative years and his path to becoming one of the premier dermatologists in the nation. The interview also addresses his role as a team physician with the Miami Heat. It’s a great read.

Here is an excerpt:

I later went to George Washington University Medical center in Washington D.C., doing my residency continuing my research and reading everything I could about black dermatology. Realizing I was in Washington and the home of Howard University, a historically black college and medical center, I looked through the faculty and discovered John A. Kenny, the father of black dermatology. I would spend my weekends sitting on his front porch with him for hours as he gave me a better understanding of my studies and his experiences. He inspired me to continue my thrust for knowledge and awareness for dermatology in black skin. At this point I realized I was on a mission and nothing was going to stop me. Later, Dr. Smith from The Medical College of Georgia called me on the phone and told me my spot as a resident was taken and not available, dramatically altering my path and upsetting my plans.

But that put me on a different path. I returned home to South Florida. I took odd jobs working in a nursing home, working for insurance companies, working in pre-op at hospitals, but I had the Black dermatology bug burning in me during this time.